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First Look: Michael Dean Odin Pollock – Interview

Here is a still picture from the interview with Michael Dean Odin Pollock shot in Reykjavik, Iceland.

“Michael Pollock is a poet with universal roots, rhythm, daredevilry beat, rock n roll INTERIMAGINATIONALITY. Michael has what it takes and he just don’t fit. Working in a literary climate where reinvention is taboo, freedom of expression prohibited NEW BLOOD is necessary for the survival of Icelandic poetry LET IT BLEED. Michael breaks down the walls surrounding the ivory towers of state monopoly licensed word mongers. He don’t belong. He is elsewhere. His vision points out the direction of somwareness, an open road instead of the blind alleys that the approved ones wander up and down gloryfying their limbo. WHEN FREEDOM IS OUTLAWED ONLY THE OUTLAWS CAN BE FREE.” MEGAS

Icelandic filmmaker and journalist, Ingólfur Júlíusson shot the interview for me. Thanks Michael and Ingólfur.

watch for further updates has we claw up this great mountain & follow the film on facebook:


About Storm Generation Films

Filmmaker, journalist, writer, and producer. Currently in production on The Outlaw Poet a biographical documentary on Ron Whitehead.

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