GonzoFest 2014 Outlaw Poet trailer

Thanks for continuing to drop by the site. The film is still underway, and we’re drawing nearer to completion.

I wanted to share the latest trailer of the film I put together for the 2014 GonzoFest. This year’s fest was wild — the city of Louisville finally hung a banner for Hunter S. Thompson — something Ron has been working on for years.

David Amram, Margaret Harrell, and many other huge HST figures took part in the festival and the latest trailer of the film ran at a special concert for the fest.

This trailer has excerpts from Iceland, the 1996 HST tribute featuring Hunter and Johnny Depp, Anita Thompson and Bob Braudis among others. Enjoy.


Visiting Owl Farm; A Journey into Hunter Thompson’s fortified compound

It all started months before in a flurry of emails, late nights and strong drinks. I’d been working on the Outlaw Poet documentary: writing emails, driving from Evansville, IN to Louisville, KY, sending letters and tracking down leads on interviews about poet, performer, and king of the underground Ron Whitehead. On my list, and main concern: interview Anita Thompson, widow of journalist and professional wild man Hunter S. Thompson.

Ron had a lengthy friendship with Hunter, and is credited by several sources as giving HST a major boost in his second coming by bringing Billy-the-kid back to Louisville to be honored and given a key to his hometown, with the Hunter Thompson tribute in 1996 at Memorial Auditorium, Louisville, KY attended by: Johnny Depp, Douglas Brinkley, Warren Zevon, David Amram, Roxanne Pulitzer, Juan Thompson, Bob Braudis, and former mayor Harvey Sloane.

Ron also published several of Hunter’s pieces in broadside poster format with his publication White Fields Press.

After a strenuous hunt for money and months of hard work I had an invite to Owl Farm for an interview with Anita Thompson, a plane ticket to Denver, Colorado, a back pack full of clothes, a few hundred dollars in cash and a Sony HD video camera.

It was raining when I left Louisville, KY at 8:30am and after a 2 1/2 hour flight I set foot off the plane into mile-high madness, the Denver Int’l Airport, where people were jammed into every nook and cranny of the place sobbing for us to exit the plane so they could be next onto the tarmac.

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First Look: Michael Dean Odin Pollock – Interview

Here is a still picture from the interview with Michael Dean Odin Pollock shot in Reykjavik, Iceland.

“Michael Pollock is a poet with universal roots, rhythm, daredevilry beat, rock n roll INTERIMAGINATIONALITY. Michael has what it takes and he just don’t fit. Working in a literary climate where reinvention is taboo, freedom of expression prohibited NEW BLOOD is necessary for the survival of Icelandic poetry LET IT BLEED. Michael breaks down the walls surrounding the ivory towers of state monopoly licensed word mongers. He don’t belong. He is elsewhere. His vision points out the direction of somwareness, an open road instead of the blind alleys that the approved ones wander up and down gloryfying their limbo. WHEN FREEDOM IS OUTLAWED ONLY THE OUTLAWS CAN BE FREE.” MEGAS

Icelandic filmmaker and journalist, Ingólfur Júlíusson shot the interview for me. Thanks Michael and Ingólfur.

watch for further updates has we claw up this great mountain & follow the film on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Outlaw-Poet-A-documentary-on-Ron-Whitehead/192089707472017